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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All well ends well..=)

VoiceOut is over..This is only the end of the beginning..=) Am still very tired so just gonna keep it short and sweet.

Everything was 'OK'~ X) what should be there was there and what was suppose to happen happened. The results was kind of a surprise for me and some others as well. Well, what done is done. ha...no point pondering on it. XD

Things i have learnt: Prepare early! Always keep track of time during the actual event. Have a mental image of whats going to happen. Impromtus?hahaz...we shall see...X)) Oh...the welfare of your members, the one thing we must not neglect.

Agh...my eye lids are dropping...-___________-zzz


will write more next time..T_T

-=Kevin=- don't you find that guy on my skin bloody kool?!=|

Fight on 9:29 AM

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ha! Finally. I'm going to update my blog again. =D

What am i doing now currently(not according to priority): BandzOut 2008/09, BLoody projectsssss, helping VoiceOut in Crowd Control(which was surprisingly fun =D), studies and last but not least hanging out with my best buds. =) empty empty empty......i can't think about anything now due to the lack of sleep...lolz....pardon my gibbuish typing...X) Tomorrow is the actual event for VoiceOut 2008/09 so i think i better get some sleep now...hope my brain doesn't crash tomorrow.


-=Kevin=- haha...its been awhile...X)

Fight on 9:31 AM

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Fight on 11:54 AM

- OGL -

Orientation Group Leader.

Always wanted to be an ogl since my 1st sem. Thought that it would be fun meeting the freshmens and play with them and my wish came through.=) I'm a OGL now! hahaz..

For the past 3-4 weeks, there has been fun, and some not so fun moments. 1st week was coming up with the proposal which was suppose to finish within 2 weeks but we took a longer time due to some errors like alignment and stuff. Its really taxing for the people doing it as we have 5 different diplomas. All must be standardised!lolz.. A big THANK YOU to Audrey and Jerlyn..=)

Its all about the attitude and the mentality. Thats what i feel. We really can't expect much from the school to reward us for planning the Freshmen Orientation(FO). Why did i even join OGL in the first place? hahaz...i ask myself that and i came up with an answer. " The first people i know when i first step in NYP wasn't my classmate. It was my OGLs." lolz.. and when i think back..WHAo~ hahaz..never did it occured to me that i'll be the one they first know in their poly life. =) Helping those blur sotongs around..hahaz...just thinking about it makes me wanna laugh..X) Since we have joined OGL, why not give it our best?=D

The seniors have really been there to guide us and help us through out the planning stage, even though they came up with really harsh punishments. Hahaz..but i think its all for our own good. Some things like alignments, can actully determine what kind of person you are. Taking care of the welfare of your group members is really crucial for the In-charge! I realise that if the welfare of your group members are well taken care of, their work efficiency will increase and they will be much more happier working.=) Also, being an IC, we have to perform what we say. By setting a good example to your fellow members. The meaning of the words comes to naught when we don't do it.

It really saddens me to hear some saying they are not enjoying this whole OGL. =( When i heard that my heart kind of sank as i feel i have failed my duty. Not able to make my members feel commited to this FO and putting their heart into it.

The seniors always says that communication is the key. Without communication there won't be a solution. Sometimes, we just have calm ourselves down and listen to what other people have to say and take it seriously. Conflict, Communication, Solution, Action.

Theoritically, we left 1 day to F.O. Any OGLs who is reading this! If you have any unhappiness, i plead you to forgive and forget..for now and wait until the F.O is over. All of us MUST have a positive mind-set and have the heart to make this F.O a success. I believe most of us have it. For those who are still unsure, don't hesitate anymore. There isn't much chance for you to be able to hold an event for 1200 people so JUST DO IT! Your friends and collegue will always be there to help you.=)

Many more lessons to be learnt...

I wanna tell u but the words just went back into my throat and back to my heart. Keeping it is hard. Saying it is even harder.
Not being myself around u at times,
I feel like a fool.
I sped in the beginning,
and i got a summon for it,
i have to pay the price,
and its time to start all over again.
Leave it to fate,
jus be yourself,
and time will tell.

ok...time to sleep...T_____T


Fight on 10:04 AM

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Finally. My exams are over. =) Feels kind of weird not studying. Miss the embiance at starbucks..=( Will go there someday again to chill out. hahaz...Oh...got haircut at a nearby salon which cost $15. Not too bad. Though i look abit "bang" now, i feel. =|


Am having my class chalet for the next 3 days. After that i'll be having Camp EAGLES which is a camp for OGLs-to-be. 2days. No overnights. Hope it will be fun. =) And the next following 3 days i'll be working at the IT fair and on the day after the fair, i have a microsoft competition. AND for the next 2 or 3 weeks, I'M GONNA WORK MY ASS OUT FOR THE TRIP!!!!!i'm going to Australia with JM and JEFF end of the month. I can hardly wait...=) that is if i can make it in time..=(


JM...I'll be your wingman and cover your ass in the air...=D


there judith i have updated..=)


Fight on 8:57 AM

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Exams are around the corners! I shan't blog for these few days! =)

Fight on 4:54 AM

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For the past 18 years of my life, i have been ignorant. Ignorant to my surroundings and people around me. Ignorant and inmature to be exact. It is not only until recently, that i realise how inferior am i. These people i met, and the people i already known, in terms of thinking and characters have all rise up a notch and i think back to myself. What the hell am i doing? It seems that i have remain at a stop. Stagnant.

They have showed me a few things in life that are important and worth doing no matter what the outcome is.(haha...thanks jeff for all the encouragement u gave..i really appreciate it..=)) Though it was just a short period of time, i have come to realise maybe i'm just not mature or ready for it. I still got a long way to go..=)

Depressing over this is no use. Whats important is the pick myself up and move on and that is what i shall do. This may most probably my life's turning point...


Jeff for all the encouragement and advice..XD
Judith for listening listening
Jia Ming for "chilling" out
Chek, i have learn alot from you..;)
Qd for all the "apples and pears"
and Oscar for the "starbucks"

Thank you all..=))

Fight on 6:42 AM

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fight on 9:07 AM

Fight on 9:07 AM


About yourself.
Name:Yeh Jia Pei
Birthday:9 dec 1989

l Likes l
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anything that is cool to watch i can stand there and watch it the whole day friends of course..=)

i'm a peace loving guy..^^v





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